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The Bradshaw Foundation presents the research of Professor Stephen Oppenheimer, School of Anthropology Oxford University
i) as journal & chapter publications from the research group he has belonged to since 1998 (lab-base with the Archaeogenetics Research Group Huddersfield University).
ii) as the Oppenheimer’s own papers and reviews (below), and
iii) as his book publications & regional titles (below).
Papers are listed in reverse chronological order (except for Macaulay et al. 2005 which is first).


Single, rapid coastal settlement of Asia revealed by analysis of complete mitochondrial genomes
Vincent Macaulay, Catherine Hill, Alessandro Achilli, Chiara Rengo, Douglas Clarke, William Meehan, James Blackburn, Ornella Semino, Rosaria Scozzari, Fulvio Cruciani, Adi Taha, Norazila Kassim Shaari, Joseph Maripa Raja, Patimah Ismail, Zafarina Zainuddin, William Goodwin, David Bulbeck, Hans-Jürgen Bandelt, Stephen Oppenheimer, Antonio Torroni, Martin Richards. 2005.
Science 308 (5724), 1034-1036
Ancient voyaging and Polynesian origins
Pedro Soares, Teresa Rito, Jean Trejaut, Maru Mormina, Catherine Hill, Emma Tinkler-Hundal, Michelle Braid, Douglas J Clarke, Jun-Hun Loo, Noel Thomson, Tim Denham, Mark Donohue, Vincent Macaulay, Marie Lin, Stephen Oppenheimer, Martin B Richards. 2011.
The American Journal of Human Genetics 88 (2), 239-247
Correcting for purifying selection: an improved human mitochondrial molecular clock
Pedro Soares, Luca Ermini, Noel Thomson, Maru Mormina, Teresa Rito, Arne Röhl, Antonio Salas, Stephen Oppenheimer, Vincent Macaulay, Martin B Richards. 2009.
The American Journal of Human Genetics 84 (6), 740-759
Climate change and postglacial human dispersals in Southeast Asia
Pedro Soares, Jean Alain Trejaut, Jun-Hun Loo, Catherine Hill, Maru Mormina, Chien-Liang Lee, Yao-Ming Chen, Georgi Hudjashov, Peter Forster, Vincent Macaulay, David Bulbeck, Stephen Oppenheimer, Marie Lin, Martin B Richards. 2008.
Molecular Biology and Evolution 25 (6), 1209-1218
A mitochondrial stratigraphy for island southeast Asia
Catherine Hill, Pedro Soares, Maru Mormina, Vincent Macaulay, Dougie Clarke, Petya B Blumbach, Matthieu Vizuete-Forster, Peter Forster, David Bulbeck, Stephen Oppenheimer, Martin Richards. 2007.
The American Journal of Human Genetics 80 (1), 29-43
Phylogeography and ethnogenesis of aboriginal Southeast Asians
Catherine Hill, Pedro Soares, Maru Mormina, Vincent Macaulay, William Meehan, James Blackburn, Douglas Clarke, Joseph Maripa Raja, Patimah Ismail, David Bulbeck, Stephen Oppenheimer, Martin Richards. 2006.
Molecular Biology and Evolution 23 (12), 2480-2491
A model for the dispersal of modern humans out of Africa
M Richards, HJ Bandelt, T Kivisild, S Oppenheimer, in: HJ Bandelt, V. Macaulay, M Richards (Eds.),
Human mitochondrial DNA and the evolution of Homo sapiens, 2006. Springer–Verlag. 225-265
Tracing modern human origins-Response
Vincent Macaulay, Catherine Hill, Alessandro Achilli, Chiara Rengo, Douglas Clarke, William Meehan, James Blackburn, Ornella Semino, Rosaria Scozzari, Fulvio Cruciani, Adi Taha, Norazila Kassim Shaari, Joseph Maripa Raja, Patimah Ismail, F Zainuddin, William Goodwin, David Bulbeck, Hans-Jürgen Bandelt, Stephen Oppenheimer, Antonio Torroni, Martin Richards. 2005.
Science 309 (5743), 1995-1996
Polynesians: devolved Taiwanese rice farmers or Wallacean maritime traders with fishing, foraging and horticultural skills
S Oppenheimer, M Richards.
Examining the farming/language dispersal hypothesis, 2002. McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research. 287-297
A predominantly indigenous paternal heritage for the Austronesian-speaking peoples of insular Southeast Asia and Oceania
Cristian Capelli, James F Wilson, Martin Richards, Michael PH Stumpf, Fiona Gratrix, Stephen Oppenheimer, Peter Underhill, Vincenzo L Pascali, Tsang-Ming Ko, David B Goldstein. 2001.
The American Journal of Human Genetics 68 (2), 432-443
Polynesian origins: slow boat to Melanesia?
SJ Oppenheimer, M Richards. 2001.
Nature 410 (6825), 166-167
Fast trains, slow boats, and the ancestry of the Polynesian islanders
S Oppenheimer, M Richards. 2001.
Science Progress 84 (3), 157-181
mtDNA suggests Polynesian origins in eastern Indonesia
M Richards, S Oppenheimer, B Sykes. 1998.
The American Journal of Human Genetics 63 (4), 1234-1236


Solutrean hypothesis: genetics, the mammoth in the room
S Oppenheimer, B Bradley, D Stanford. 2014.
World Archaeology 46 (5), 752-774
New Review for download: Humans' Association with Water Bodies: The ‘Exaggerated Diving Reflex’ and its Relationship with the Evolutionary Allometry of Human Pelvic and Brain Sizes
S Oppenheimer. 2013.
Human Evolution 28 (3-4), 137-170
Modern Humans Spread from Aden to the Antipodes With Passengers and When?
S Oppenheimer. 2014.
In, Eds. R. Dennell, M. Porr, Southern Asia, Australia and the Search for Human Origins, Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-1-107-01785-6 pp. 228-242
Molecular phylogeography of a human autosomal skin color locus under natural selection
Victor A Canfield, Arthur Berg, Steven Peckins, Steven M Wentzel, Khai Chung Ang, Stephen Oppenheimer, Keith C Cheng. 2013.
G3: Genes| Genomes| Genetics 3 (11), 2059-2067
A single southern exit of modern humans from Africa: Before or after Toba?
S Oppenheimer. 2012.
Quaternary International 258, 88-99
Skin color variation in Orang Asli tribes of Peninsular Malaysia
Khai C Ang, Mee S Ngu, Katherine P Reid, Mei S Teh, Zamzuraida S Aida, Danny XR Koh, Arthur Berg, Stephen Oppenheimer, Hood Salleh, Mahani M Clyde, Badrul M Md-Zain, Victor A Canfield, Keith C Cheng. 2012.
PloS one 7 (8), e42752
Out-of-Africa, the peopling of continents and islands: tracing uniparental gene trees across the map
S Oppenheimer. 2012.
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 367
The great arc of dispersal of modern humans: Africa to Australia
S Oppenheimer. 2009.
Quaternary International 202 (1), 2-13
Following Populations or Molecules? Two contrasting approaches and descriptive outcomes of island colonization arising from a similar knowledge-base
S Oppenheimer
In, Eds. P Forster, S. Matsumura, C. Renfrew. “Simulations, Genetics and Human Prehistory–A Focus on Islands” McDonald Institute for Archaeology, Cambridge 2008. published in the McDonald Institute Monograph Series. ISBN: 978-1-902937-45-8. Pp. 27-36.
What Makes Us Human?-Our Ancestors and the Weather
S Oppenheimer
In: Ed. Charles Pasternak. What Makes Us Human, 2007. Oneworld. ISBN-13:978–1–85168–519–6. Pp. 93-113
The ‘Austronesian’story and farming-language dispersals: caveats on timing and independence in proxy lines of evidence from the Indo-European model
S Oppenheimer
In, Eds. E. Bacus, I. Glover, V. Pigott. Uncovering Southeast Asia's past. Selected papers from the 10th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists. 2006. National University of Singapore Press, Singapore. ISBN 9971-69-351-8 pp.65-73.
Response to Peter Bellwood and Jared Diamond (2005):‘On explicit “replacement” models in Island Southeast Asia: a reply to Stephen Oppenheimer’
S Oppenheimer. 2006.
World Archaeology 38 (4), 715-717
The Significance of the Orang Asli and their possible relationship to the Pleistocene peoples of the Malay Peninsula and to the colonization of the World
S Oppenheimer. 2005.
In: Ed. Zuraina Majid The Perak man and other prehistoric skeletons of Malaysia, 2005. Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia ISBN 983-3391-12-5 pp. Penang, Malaysia. 447-462
The 'Express Train from Taiwan to Polynesia': on the congruence of proxy lines of evidence
S Oppenheimer. 2004.
World Archaeology 36 (4), 591-600
Out of Africa: human roots
S Oppenheimer
Prospect Magazine-LONDON-PROSPECT PUBLISHING LIMITED, 50-53 Aug, 2003.
The first exodus-Stephen Oppenheimer traces our ancestors' journey out of Africa over 150,000 years ago using archaeology, climate study and genetics
S Oppenheimer
Geographical Magazine, 32-36. July, 2002


The origins of the British: a genetic detective story: the surprising roots of the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh
S Oppenheimer. 2006/7.
Constable & Robinson. 2006/2007
Out of Eden: the peopling of the world
S Oppenheimer. 2003/2004.
Constable & Robinson Ltd
The real Eve: Modern man's journey out of Africa
S Oppenheimer. 2004.
Carroll & Graf
Los senderos del Eden: orígenes y evolución de la especie humana
S Oppenheimer. 2006.
Out of Africa's Eden: The peopling of the world
S Oppenheimer. 2003.
Jonathan Ball
Eden al Oriente
S Oppenheimer. 1999.
Eden in the east: the drowned continent of Southeast Asia
S Oppenheimer
Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1998 / Phoenix 1999
Eden in the east: the drowned continent of Southeast Asia
S Oppenheimer
Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1998 / Phoenix 1999
Iron Deficiency and Susceptibility to Infection: A prospective study of the effects of iron deficiency and iron prophylaxis in infants in Papua New Guinea. D.M. University of Oxford.
Stephen James Oppenheimer, (1987).


• Hill, C., Soares, P., Mormina, M., Macaulay, V., Meehan, W., Blackburn, J., Clarke, D., Raja, J.M., Ismail, P., Bulbeck, D., Oppenheimer, S and Richards, M. (2006), 'Phylogeography and Ethnogenesis of Aboriginal Southeast Asians' Molecular Biology and Evolution. 23(12):1-12.
• Hill, C., Soares, P., Mormina, M., Macaulay, V., Clarke, D., Blumbach, P.B., Vizuete-Forster, P., Bulbeck, D., Oppenheimer, S., Richards, M.A (2007), 'A mitochondrial stratigraphy for Island Southeast Asia' American Journal of Human Genetics. 80: 29-43.
• Soares, P., Trejaut, J., Hill, C., Mormina, M., Macaulay, V., Bulbeck, D., Loo, J-H., Lin, M., Oppenheimer, S., Richards, M.A (2008), 'Climate Change and post-glacial human dispersals in Southeast Asia' Molecular Biology and Evolution. 25(6):1209-1218.
• Soares, P., Ermini, L., Mormina, M., Rito, T., Röhl, A., Oppenheimer, S., Macaulay, V., Richards, M.A (2009), 'Correcting for purifying selection: an improved human mitochondrial molecular clock' American Journal of Human Genetics. 84: 1-20.
• Soares, P., Rito, T., Trejaut, J., Mormina, M., Hill, C., Tinkler-Hundal, E., Braid, M., Clarke, D., Loo, J-H., Thomson, N., Denham, T., Donohue, M., Macaulay, V., Lin, M., Oppenheimer, S., Richards, M.A (2011), 'Ancient Voyaging and Polynesian origins' American Journal of Human Genetics. 88: 1-9.


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