South Africa Rock Art Gallery
San Bushmen of South Africa
Rock Art Research Institute
African Rock Art South Africa Carvings Engravings San Paintings
The Bradshaw Foundation join Dr. Benjamin Smith director of South Africa's Witwatersrand University - Rock Art Research Institute, to view the historic San Rock Art Paintings.
San Bushmen South Africa
The San Bushmen, are indigenous people of southern Africa. Genetic evidence suggests they are one of the oldest peoples in the world, going back to perhaps 60,000 years.
South Africa Rock Art Research Institute at the Witwatersrand University RARI
RARI at the Witwatersrand University, is perhaps the largest specialist rock art institution in the world, renowned for its research and publication record.
San Rock Art Paintings Film
The Origins Centre - Johannesburg
An interview with Dr Ben Smith
South Africa Rock Art San Shamans Shaman
Far from a general view of life, the art of the San focuses on a particular part of San experience: the spirit world journeys and experiences of San shamans.
Origins Centre Johannesburg South Africa
The Origins Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa offers visitors an extraordinary journey of discovery through Africa's rich, complex & mysterious past.
Ben Smith Interview South Africa Rock Art Research Institute at the Witwatersrand University RARI
Africa - Place of Origins. Explore the rock art of Africa, in this podcast interview with Dr. Ben Smith, Director of the Rock Art Research Institute in South Africa.
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