Avebury - The World's Largest Prehistoric Stone Circle

Exploring Avebury - Steve Marshall
Avebury Photograph Gallery
A Walk Among the Stones
Exploring Avebury - Steve Marshall Exploring Avebury - Steve Marshall
Steve Marshall's new book 'Exploring Avebury: The Essential Guide' leads us on a journey of discovery through the prehistoric Avebury landscape & several millennia of human activity.
Avebury Photograph Gallery Photographs Photos
World Heritage site of Avebury through the seasons: a collection of images of the Avebury landscape by Steve Marshall, author of Exploring Avebury: The Essential Guide.
Avebury A Walk Among the Stones Film
A short film to introduce the world's largest stone circle and its place within the Neolithic 'monumental landscape' that ranges over many miles of rolling downland.
Silbury Hill
British Isles Prehistory Archive
World Rock Art & Cave Paintings
Silbury Hill
Explore Silbury Hill near the Avebury Henge, constructed between 2450 BC and 2350 BC. This immense mound was built mostly of chalk rubble, naturally covered with turf.
Bradshaw Foundation British Isles Prehistory Archive
The British Isles Prehistory Archive presents a rich array of monuments, art and tools found throughout the British Isles. Evidence of occupation dates from over 30,000 years ago.
Bradshaw Foundation Rock Art Cave Paintings Archive
Travel the continents of the world and discover the origins of art; from the cave paintings of France to the rock carvings of the Americas, and Palaeolithic Ice Age sculptures.
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