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pyramids egypt
pyramids egypt
The Pyramids of Egypt

pyramids egypt



Professor Nabil Swelim
Professor Nabil Swelim

Egyptological degrees: Ph.D., 1981, with summa cum laude, The Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary; Academic Candidate of Sciences (= Habilitation) 1990, The Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest, Hungary; currently a D.Sc. candidate.

Academic Background: B.Sc., 1952 The Naval Academy Alexandria Egypt; M.Sc., 1963 The Naval Institute, Izmail, USSR; M.A., 1973 The Commanding and Staff Officers College, Cairo Egypt.

Occupation: Author, lecturer, excavator and photographer specializing in pyramid research, art, architecture and religion of Ancient Egypt. Retired Commodore; (= Rear Admiral).

Archaeological Discoveries:  The Pyramid called Sinki at Abydos.  The Dry Moat surrounding the Step Pyramid Complex at Saqqara.  The identity of the Pyramid of Seila. The Brick Pyramid at Abu Rawash, the north Pyramid of Mazghuna = Lepsius 59, and others.

Listed on a monument at the Saqqara Museum among the main archaeologists from 1850 to 2006. Currently invited to observe the work of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation.

Professor Nabil Swelim

Publications: (selected)

· Some Problems on the History of the Third Dynasty, Alexandria 1983.
· The Brick Pyramid at Abu Rawash, Number '1' by Lepsius, Alexandria 1987.
· Alexandrian Studies in Memoriam Daoud Abdu Daoud, BSAA 45(1993) Editor.
· The Pyramid Hills: Visocica and Pljesevica Hrasce, Observations, and Analyses. Sarajevo 2007.

· 7 Layer Monuments of the Early Old Kingdom Forthcoming
· Pyramids of the Third to the Thirteenth Dynasty, Analyses, Catalogues and Developments; 4 Volumes in Preparation

Contribution to Festschrifts of: I.E.S. Edwards, W. Kaiser, J. Leclant, L. Kakosy, J-Ph. Lauer, D. Arnold, E. Gaal – U. Luft – L. Torok , Mafred Bietak, Ali Rawan and Gunter Dreyer.

Contribution to Memorials of: D. A. Daoud, and Abd El Aziz Sadek (Azzouz).
Encyclopedia Entries: Macmillan's Dictionary of Art (2)


Archaeological and Historical Studies, 4, 5 and 7; MDAIK, 38, 47 and 53; JSSEA, 14, Occasional Publications, 7 (EES); Studia Aegyptiaca, XIV, XVII; IFAO Bd’E 106-1; BSAA 45; Bibliotheca Alexandrina, The Alexandria Project, www.icbp.ba and others.


President of the ICBP Sarajevo 2008; Winkelmann’s corresponding member of the German Institutes of Archaeology: Elected 9 December 1999. The International Association of Egyptologists; the International Association of Coptology; EES; ARCE; SSEA; ASA. Member of the DIA expedition to Abydos 1981;

Professor Nabil Swelim

Nabil Swelim photographing a sphinx of king Horemheb in Alexandria. Photo by Pam Reynolds.

Hungarian expedition to TT32 1985, BYU expedition at El Fayum 1987 and 1988, Freie Universitat Berlin expedition to Saqqara 1993; The University of Warsaw expedition to Saqqara 1996 and others.

May. 2008

pyramids egypt

egypt pyramids

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