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Rock art in the news; a round up of research and media archaeological articles featuring cave paintings and rock engravings, and their preservation, around the world.
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Bradshaw Foundation Site Map - Archive database index of links to all sections on rock art, cave paintings, archaeology, anthropology & genetic research.
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The Chauvet Cave Paintings
Chauvet Rock Art Cave Paintings France Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Despite being recently discovered in France in 1994, Chauvet Cave contains some of the world's oldest art, and one of the most extensive rock art galleries ever recorded.
Origins: The Fossil Record
Bradshaw Foundation Origins exploring the fossil record
Modern humans left Africa between 90,000 and 75,000 years ago. We subsequently spread globally. But who are 'we'? How do modern humans fit with earlier hominins?
Rock Art of Huashan
Huashan Chinese Rock Art Zuojiang River Guangxi China
Huashan rock art site is considered some of the most impressive pre-Historic painted rock art in the world, located in the Zuojiang River valley of Guangxi, China.
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Film Archive
Bradshaw Foundation film archive films documentaries ilecture movie
Sit back in our inhouse cinema and watch films on rock art from around the world, conversations with researchers, rock art expeditions in Africa, and iLecture film trailers.
Africa Travel Expeditions
Africa Travel Expedition Visit Holiday Adventure Tour
Bring out the adventurer in you with these unique travel expeditions, to some of the most famous rock art sites of Africa, in the epic landscapes of this ancient continent.
Journey of Mankind
Journey of Mankind Peopling of the World Stephen Oppenheimer
Who were our ancestors? Where did we originate? If we came out of Africa, what & when governed our migration routes? This interactive map reveals our epic journey.
African Rock Art Archive
Africa African Rock Art Archive
One of the largest online collections of ancient African rock art in the world, in collaboration with the leading African authorities on cave paintings and petroglyph carvings.
South Africa Rock Art Archive
South Africa South African Rock Art Archive
Examine the fine details and subtle colours of the ancient San Bushmen rock art, with analysis and interpretation by members of South Africa's Rock Art Research Institute.
American Rock Art Archive
America American Rock Art Archive United States America USA
With the collaboration of experts and researchers throughout the USA, the Bradshaw Foundation presents carvings and paintings from the American Rock Art Archive.
Australian Rock Art Archive
Australia Australian Rock Art Archive Bradshaw Paintings Gwion Gwion Bradshaws
These ancient paintings, found in north-western Australia and claimed to be the oldest figurative art in the world, are known as Gwion Gwion, or Bradshaw paintings.
France Rock Art Archive
France Rock Art Archive Cave Art Paintings Chauvet Lascaux Niaux Cosquer
With the collaboration of the French Ministry of Culture, explore the ancient cave paintings and rock art of Chauvet, Lascaux, Niaux and Cosquer caves.
Canada Rock Art Archive
Canada Rock Art Petroglyphs Pictographs Paintings Archaeology
Rock art is located in many areas across Canada, constituting Canada's oldest artistic tradition, brought into Canada by its earliest occupants during the last Ice Age.
British Isles Prehistory Archive
British Isles Prehistory Archive Rock Art Britain England United Kingdom UK
The British Isles was first inhabited by people who crossed over the land bridge from the European mainland. Evidence of Homo sapiens dates from 30,000 years ago.
China Rock Art Archive
China Rock Art Archive Chinese Rock Art Petroglyphs
Discover the prehistoric rock art and ancient cultures in China, from the petroglyphs of Helan Kou in Inner Mongolia to the Tang dynasty sculptures in China's south west.
India Rock Art Archive
India Rock Art Archive Indian Prehistoric Rock Art Paintings
Prehistoric paintings of India, one of the three largest concentrations of rock art in the world, is spectacular and varied, with roots to the art of modern tribal societies.
Ice Age Art
Ice Age Art Upper Palaeolithic Europe Prehistoric Sculptures Figurines Animals Tools
Examine the 'portable' works of Ice Age art from Upper Palaeolithic Europe, with prehistoric sculptures of figurines, animals and tools, made of stone, clay, bone & antler.
Bolivian Rock Art
Bolivian Rock Art Bolivia Prehistoric Petroglyphs Cave Paintings
Discover the ancient rock art of Bolivia in South America, with over 1,000 rock art sites and a wealth of prehistoric petroglyphs and paintings in caves and shelters.
Geometric Signs
Geometric Signs Prehistoric Mysterious European Painted Caves Genevieve von Petzinger
Discover the prehistoric and mysterious geometric signs, as Genevieve von Petzinger attempts to analyse these rock art symbols from 146 European painted caves.
Scandinavian Rock Art
Scandinavia Scandinavian Rock Art Petroglyphs Pictographs Paintings Archaeology
Scandinavian Rock Art Archive presents prehistoric Carvings and paintings from Scandinavia, plus archaeological and anthropological research in general.
South America Rock Art Archive
South America South American Rock Art Archive
Discover the variety of prehistoric rock art in South America; from Brazil to Peru, from Argentina to Bolivia, the paintings and engravings reveal ancient cultures & beliefs.
Easter Island
Easter Island Rapa Nui Moai Statues
Discover the mysterious moai stone statues and rock carvings of Easter Island with Dr. Georgia Lee, one of the leading experts on the culture and rock art of Rapa Nui.
Tibet: A Photographic Journey
Tibet Photographic Journey
Discover the rock art paintings of Tibet, and follow the photographic journey of the Foundation's President Robert A. Hefner III to the sacred Lake Namtso.
Motif: Eternal - Contemporary Artists
Motif Eternal Contemporary Artists
From prehistory to today, the themes and motifs embedded in the foundations of ancient rock art still being employed by contemporary artists around the world.
Hand Rock Art Paintings
rock art symbols hand paintings
Examine the presence and meaning of prehistoric hand paintings and carvings, one of the most fundamental motifs depicted in rock art, from all corners of the world.
Temples of Malta and Gozo
Temples of Malta and Gozo
The prehistory of Malta, a culture with some of the oldest buildings in Europe, and how these early temple builders had mysteriously disappeared by 2,500 B.C.
Journey back to Neolithic prehistory 5,000 years ago, as Stonehenge embodies a change from hunting and gathering to farming, from the collective to the individual.
Pyramids of Egypt
Pyramids of Egypt
Explore the ancient and monumental pyramids of Egypt, and how they were conceived, constructed and decorated. Discover why they were built, by whom and for whom.
Middle East Rock Art
Middle East Rock Art
Research of the region now known as the Middle East, a vast area lying at the juncture of Eurasia and Africa and of the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.
Cave Art Psychology
Cave Art Psychology Mind
Palaeolithic cave art from a psychological perspective: exploring the perception, the inspiration and the creation of humankind's earliest art form.
Ancient Symbols in Rock Art
Ancient Symbols in Rock Art Professor John P Miller
Palaeolithic cave art from a psychological and neurophysiological perspective: exploring the perception, inspiration and creation of humankind's earliest art form.