World Heritage Tentative List: State Administration of Cultural Heritage - Peoples Republic of China

Introduction to Huashan Rock Art
Huashan Rock Art Gallery
The Local Ethnic Culture
Huashan Rock Art Petroglyphs China
The Huashan rock art site may be considered to be one of the most impressive pre-Historic painted rock art panels of the world, located in the Zuojiang River valley of Guangxi, China.
Huashan Rock Art Petroglyphs China
The Gallery presents the many facets that go to make up one of the greatest prehistoric painted panels in the world. The unique & highly standardised rock art site of Huashan in Guangxi, China.
Huashan Rock Art Petroglyphs China
It is generally believed by scholars that an ancient group called Luo Yue was responsible for producing the Huashan rock art site between the Warring States Period and Eastern Han dynasty.
Huashan Historical Background
Religious Beliefs of the Luo Yue
Cosmology of Huashan Rock Art
Huashan Historical Archaeological Background China
The Historical & Archaeological Background of Huashan Rock Art from the beginning of the Bronze Age to the Warring States Period & from the Qin dynasty to the end of Eastern Han dynasty.
China Huashan Rock Art Religious Beliefs
Based on historical records and the studies of modern Zhuang and Muong people, scholars defined the Luo Yue's religion as animism and ancestor worship (Qin 2006: 256; Dao 1976: 235).
China Huashan Rock Art Luo Yue Cosmology
This section explores a new perspective on the connection between the Huashan rock art and the Luo Yue people's cosmology: to see it from the location of the rock art site itself.
38 Huashan Rock Art Sites
The Rock Art of Wushan
The China Rock Art Archive
Huashan Rock Art Petroglyphs China
Whilst the Huashan Rock Art Site is the most spectacular there are in fact 38 designated rock art sites for the prehistoric paintings of the Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art Cultural Landscape of China.
Huashan Historical Archaeological Background China
In July 2014 the Bradshaw Foundation team visited the Wushan rock paintings at Dayanjiao Cave, China. This was in conjunction with Bradshaw Foundation attending the 2014 IFRAO Congress.
Bradshaw Foundation China Rock Art Archive
The Bradshaw Foundation China Rock Art Archive, featuring the Helan Mountains, The Yinchuan World Rock Art Museum, Life in Rock Art by Chen Zhao Fu and In Search of a Vanishing Civilization.
The Protection of Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art
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