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John Robinson | Sculptor 4/5/1935 - 6/4/2007

In Memoriam
Artist, Explorer & Friend, whose work inspired the imagination of others.

Working from a studio in Devon, and later in Somerset, John Robinson made a name as a sculptor of children, and sports figures. His Hammer Thrower is outside the Bowring Building, Tower Hill, London, and his 5 metre Acrobats is outside the Sports Centre in Canberra. He was Official Sculptor for the British Olympic Committee in 1988. His Gymnast is at the new Olympic Museum in Lausanne, donated by the Australian Olympic Committee.

In the early 1970s Robinson began the Universe Series of Symbolic Sculpture, which now comprises over one hundred works, including sculptures in bronze, wood, stainless steel, and marble, and eleven tapestries. A selection has been exhibited at Leeds, Bangor, Liverpool, Wadham College Oxford, Churchill College Cambridge, London, Barcelona, and Zaragoza.

Universe Series

In creating the Universe Series, John Robinson traces a path from the beginning of time to the present day. The whole collection symbolically portrays the earth, animals, man and woman, birth, religion, civilisation and death. Each work is a visual interpretation of the artist's feelings; each is created in a form found in nature such as the spiral, ovoid, circle and cone. In the illustrative parts of this gallery the viewer will find a descriptive phrase accompaning each of the items, placing them in the context of a path traced through time.

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