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The Pilbara
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Australia's Ancient Heartbeat
by Hugh Brown
• ISBN-13:9780975205426
• ISBN-10:0975205420
• Format: HARDBACK
• Pages: 168
• Weight (k): 1.8
• Size: 286mm X 310mm
• Illustrations: Colour Throughout
• Released (Aus): 31 Aug 2006
It is October. Thunder clouds run rampant across a parched red landscape. Corellas, screeching moments ago, mutter not a sound. The air is still. Brilliant reflections of gnarly giant melaleucas, lit brightly by the last rays of today's setting sun, stare down the fast approaching storm. In the ranges, lightning strikes; rain falls. Perhaps we are at the start of a once in 30-year rainy season. Bolts of purple rocket the angry build-up sky. Flames tears across golden spinifex plains: up into the Hamersley and through the Chichester. Rainbows, first one, then two, appear in perfect symmetry. Migums glisten: magnificent in their gold. Over the Indian Ocean clouds roll in. Waves break. Tuna schools, then mackeral, queenfish and spangled emporer park up to await the passing of the storm. Birds of prey bunker down like so many times before. A landscape, more then 3.5 billion years in the making, and so long starved of rain, will soon be re-bourne. The Pilbara truly is a vita sanguisque Australiae - Australia's Ancient Heartbeat.
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Hugh Brown
Hugh Brown is an adventurer and professional photographer based in Broome, Australia. After studying commerce and law, Hugh worked in the field of commerce taxation and management consulting. He has travelled extensively throughout northern Australia: mostly with his Labrador 'Kanch'. Much of this travel has taken place in remote locations, using a combination of helicopter, light aircraft, motor bike, 4WD, kayak and foot!
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